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Mission Trip Letter


Dear friends and family,

During college, the main thing I have learned about myself is that I am happiest when I am serving others. This is what has lead me to the career of nursing, and a heart for missions. Through Sozo’s Children, I will have the opportunity to work with children in Uganda for three weeks during Jan Term (December 26-Janurary 15). Continue reading “Mission Trip Letter”

Life goes on after recruitment

Countless times I have heard, “I would never go through rush again,” yet here I am, going through it a second time. Continue reading “Life goes on after recruitment”

Y the L not?

As I’m sharing my heart to what brought me to go to Uganda and my journey along the way, I figured I should share a huge part of my life, Young Life. Continue reading “Y the L not?”


I still remember the day when I was in 8th grade sitting in the Mix at Fellowship Bible Church and one of the youth pastors sharing the story of a local high school graduate, Katie Davis, selling everything she owned and moving to Uganda to serve the Lord.

I turned to my friend and said, “I am going to do that.” Continue reading “Uganda”

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