I still remember the day when I was in 8th grade sitting in the Mix at Fellowship Bible Church and one of the youth pastors sharing the story of a local high school graduate, Katie Davis, selling everything she owned and moving to Uganda to serve the Lord.

I turned to my friend and said, “I am going to do that.”

Granted, at the same age, I also said I would elope at 16 and grow old with a boy, like my Uncle Joe and Aunt Shirley did.  Which I eventually realized was not apart of God’s plan for me (thanks mom and dad).

However, that special place in my heart that longs to help others has yet to fade away. Throughout high school, there were opportunities where I could have gone on missions trips, but I never followed through. It wasn’t until this year I figured out this is something I really wanted to do. I have been challenged and pushed outside of my comfort zone in ways I could have never expected before going into college, and through that I have learned what God’s calling is for me.

I first heard of Sozo Children through events at Samford University. It was not until I saw the children’s choir when I completely fell in love. I was so worried with little, non-important things in my life while these children were so happy and content with their life. Through out the performance, there was a little girl who had caught my attention, and the second she started her solo,  I was overwhelmed with her peace and happiness regardless of her situation. Having grown up in church hearing, “God’s love is all you need,” the statement can start to become meaningless. Seeing those children singing and dancing rekindled that love and desire in my heart. From then on, I decided I wanted to help my fellow brothers and sisters in any way I can because they had helped me even though they are unaware of it.

I am so incredibly happy to be given the opportunity to serve in Uganda, and can not describe how excited I am for what is to come.