Dear friends and family,

During college, the main thing I have learned about myself is that I am happiest when I am serving others. This is what has lead me to the career of nursing, and a heart for missions. Through Sozo’s Children, I will have the opportunity to work with children in Uganda for three weeks during Jan Term (December 26-Janurary 15). I have felt God calling me to do something bigger and more with my life. This opportunity through Sozo will allow me to do so. I am incredibly excited to be able to serve and take care of God’s people. As well as, share His good news.

First and foremost, I am asking for prayers as I prepare for this journey. From working at Pine Cove this summer and being a Young Life leader, I have learned the importance and power of prayer. God does know what I need, and how to provide. However, I know everything will become much clearer and possible when I have other people supporting me in prayer. I ask for safety, boldness, provision, patience, and wisdom.

Secondly, I ask, if you are willing and feel God calling you to, to give monetarily. I am very thankful to receive any amount. A three-week mission trip is costlier than the typical one-week trip, but I’m faithful the Lord will provide a way. Here is a link where you can give money directly to my trip. My first deadline is on October 7, 2016. We will be booking our flights for around $1,800. Then, I have to have all funds raised by December 5, 2016.

Thank you for your support,

Maura Lowder